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Men have always enjoyed in playing practical jokes. This interest has been known throughout the entire history of mankind, but it became a lucrative business fairly recently. The website offers a wide choice of Gadget gifts that are related to magic and practical jokes. Army of 52 is the most popular product in this category of the web store. It is a DVD that is an inevitable part of every man’s gaff deck. The DVD contains many tricks and practical ideas that are innovative and very interesting. Brad Christian and Justin Miller are featured in this DVD and they teach rare tricks and sleights with gaff decks. This DVD is sold on the Gadget goblin website for £27.99. Other products in the “Magic & Practical Jokes” category include: Karnival dose playing cards, magic grip boxes, ESP cards for mental magic, squirting lighter, fake cigarette ends, entertaining ESP and many other appealing products.                                                              

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The main focus of the website is mainly entertaining, but people can also find some very useful devices that will make their work in the kitchen much easier. Each unusual kitchen Gadget has been created with the purpose to make life a bit easier, and although some of them are total duds, there are fantastic devices featured on the market. The kitchen devices featured on include: a rotary greater; one touch automatic can opener; cutting wires for cakes; hob scrappers; ingenious can openers; milk frothing thermometers; drink dispensers; special pineapple slicers; pizza cutters; wine aerators and many other useful devices. The web shop can offer both entertainment and utility. The customer service of the website is on the highest professional level.